About us

Jimmy Nugent started making turkey calls in 1980 as a hobby because nothing on the market sounded like a turkey to him.  He wanted to make something had a true wild turkey tone, a call he could have confidence in.

The first call he made was a slate call, just a crude-looking call made of wood and slate.  He used it successfully, but kept tweaking it until he had something that he thought was worthy of selling.   That was the beginning of Country Boy Game Calls.  The company which consisted of his wife, son, father, mother and himself, sold thousands of calls each year.  It was a true family effort.

Jimmy built a reputation of his slate call by winning several calling contests. Sometimes hunters buy calls because they were made by a calling champion, however, the popularity of our calls has more to do with the sound it produces, than the contests they’ve won. The truth is, it doesn’t make a difference if you’ve ever even entered a calling contest, much less won, if you make a good call, people will notice.  A call maker is not going to be in business long if his calls don’t perform, word will get around.  The fact that we’ve been in business for over thirty years speaks for itself.

In 2012, the company  ownership was transition to Jeremy Collins and marks a new chapter for Country Boy Game Calls.  Yes, we have a new owner, and a few new product ideas, however the rest is unchanged.

In 2017, the company ownership was transition to Kenny Gardner and yes this starts a new chapter for Country Boy Game Calls, Jimmy Nugent was a mentor to Kenny in turkey calling and product quality

Our focus has never been to just sell game calls, but to produce the most realistic sounding calls on the market.  We’ve refined our products to be easy to use, unmatched in quality, and ultimately help the hunter be more accomplished in the field.  There are too many other things that can go wrong when hunting, don’t let you call be one of them.

Give us a call ’cause we talk turkey and won’t gobble your money.